Center for Technological Expertise.
Multisectoral complex expertise of technological solutions, projects and existing support mechanisms.


Expertise of the prospects of commercialization and feasibility. Expertise of scientific and technical prospects

Support of technology transfer processes, import substitution and technological development from the search for technologies to the implementation of the innovative technologies.
Expert Council
Members of the Expert Council
Expert Council Committees
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Industry expertise
Special expertise
Prerequisites for cooperation
The necessity for qualified professional expert support to intensify the processes of technology transfer, import substitution, and technological development.
The necessity for cooperation with the center, that combines expert and analytical experience in various industries and fields.
The necessity to find and attract the best experts for project expertise in one place.
The necessity to ensure the right balance of knowledge and skills while interacting with new technologies.
The necessity for optimization of costs, for tightening of control over the use of budget funds of large companies with state participation.
The necessity to improve the efficiency of complex technological projects, the development of a feedback mechanism.
Collaboration and synchronization of efforts to develop a comprehensive risk view.
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