AI-powered image analysis software platform
A software platform for the analysis of medical images using artificial intelligence technologies.

Key data
  • At the moment, this is the only product for the analysis of computed tomography of the chest for the detection of lung cancer.
  • 15 commercial and pilot projects in Russia and abroad.
  • Participates in the world's largest project on the use of artificial intelligence technologies in medicine, organized by the Moscow Department of Health and the Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine
  • Based on the results of the projects, the efficiency of detecting malignant neoplasms using this platform increases by 50%.

  • А holistic IT and AI product that can be easily integrated into the existing business processes of a medical organization;
  • Commercial and pilot projects in Russia and abroad;
  • Scientific Medical Advisory Board, headed by the President of the Russian Society of Radiologists and Radiologists, Professor Valentin Evgenievich Sinitsyn;
  • Unique technologies for the interaction of the radiologist and artificial intelligence technologies, as well as for routing and prioritization of the researches;
  • Auto ML, which was first used in the world by Botkin.AI to adapt neural networks to the peculiarities of medical data and create products with high accuracy in a shorter period of time.