Innovative solutions for the conversion of diesel engines to operate on gas engine fuel (in dual-fuel mode)

Complex project for the conversion of vehicle and equipment to natural gas as a vehicle fuel: compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

A complex project may include:
  • Conversion of vehicles and equipment to CNG or LNG.
  • Creation of gas filling infrastructure for CNG, LNG.
  • Ensuring the efficient operation of vehicles and equipment on CNG, LNG.
  • Consulting in the transition to NGV fuel.
  • Attraction of investments in complex projects.

The main advantage of this solution is the patented technology for converting all types of diesel engines, vehicles and equipment using diesel fuel to operate in dual-fuel mode on CNG or LNG.
As a result of the conversion, the engine operates in gas mode, where CNG or LNG is used as the main fuel, and diesel fuel is used for ignition. At the same time, the engine retains the ability to fully operate in the standard diesel mode.
The conversion is made by installing additional equipment of the gas fuel system (GTS) on a vehicle or a piece of equipment without making any significant changes of the design. If necessary, the GTS equipment can be dismantled, and the converted vehicle (equipment) can be returned to its original state (as before the conversion).

  • Fast and low-cost conversion of vehicle to NGV fuel.
  • Investments in re-equipment are 30-50 % lower than the purchase of new (mono) gas equipment.
  • Economic efficiency (reduced fuel costs) is comparable to (mono) gas technology, and 2 or more times higher than analogues.
  • Based on the results of the conversion, diesel consumption is reduced by 50-70%, which results in cost savings (30-50%).
  • Comprehensive approach (refurbishment, organization of CNG and LNG refueling, operation) allows you to monetize the potential of your savings more effective.

JSC “Lebedinsky GOK”. Conversion of the PAZ 4234 bus, KamAZ 4326-15 and KamAZ 43253-N3 onboard vehicles to operate in dual-fuel mode on CNG.
JSC "Oskol electrometallurgical plant". Conversion of the PAZ 4234-05 bus to operate in dual-fuel mode on CNG.