Sustainable flow technology
The technology allows you to simultaneously use VHF and GSM connections to ensure reliable reception of corrections (even if you change the type of connection). It is implemented in 2SIM GSM / VHF 4GNSS ModemOS.
Analysis of the quality of the patch stream occurs in real time on an ongoing basis. Automatic switching between GSM1, GSM2 and VHF is performed within 2-5 seconds (depending on the state of the VHF signal or GSM network). Consequently, the mobile GNSS receiver will not lose a fixed solution throughout the work area.
Unlike most modems, automatic switching between SIM-cards occurs only due to the stability of receiving the stream of corrections (neither the signal strength of the network, nor the speed of the Internet are the determining factor when switching). Automatic switching to the nearest VHF translator is carried out using the built-in GPS / GLONASS receiver.

  • simultaneous use of GSM and VHF connections;
  • automatic switching between GSM1, GSM2 and VHF within 2-5 seconds;
  • permanent analysis and selection of the most stable stream of corrections.

  • VHF modem: frequency range 410-470 MHz
  • Power: 2V
  • Wi-Fi / 3G module
  • 3G: 900/2100 MHz
  • ТСР-IP and NTRIP

The technology is used in the equipment of Orient Systems "4GNSS ModemOS" and "Agromodem". These modems are installed at the production facilities of FSUE "NAMI" and LLC "AGROshturman Center"