Automated data collection technology from water meters using wireless data transmission technology

Single-jet water meter with radio input is designed to measure the volume of water flowing through the pipeline in cold and hot water supply systems. Access to the meter and the presence of a resident are not required - the transmission is carried out to the dispatching device via a radio channel. Using a radio channel allows you to transmit information regardless of the presence of a cellular signal. The radio module is a stand-alone device that operates from a built-in battery.

  • Access to the apartment is not required for collecting the data
  • No subscription fee for using the system
  • The minimum number of receiving modules
  • External magnetic field sensor
  • Inductive data acquisition
  • Automatic data synchronization with data collection system

Moscow, residential complex "Fili Grad". Water meters - 3250 pcs.
Novosibirsk, residential complex "Panorama" Water meters - 656 pcs.

Nominal pressure - MPa 1.6
Permissible error in the range Qt ≤ Q ≤ Qmax,% - 2
Permissible error in the range Qmin ≤ Q ≤ Qt,% - 5
Water temperature - +5 ° С cold water, +90 ° С hot water