Non-contact dispenser with display and automatic hand disinfection
The dispenser with a display and an automatic hand disinfection function has the built-in face recognition system that allows automatically keep a temperature log.
When an increase in temperature is detected, the dispenser immediately sends the notification to the responsible persons, which allows to timely detect signs of the disease and reduce the risks of its spread.
The technology was developed on behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, in order to create a "morning filter" in schools

  • Face recognition function;
  • Built-in information display;
  • Remote measurement of body temperature;
  • Multilingual interface and sound notification;
  • Cloud service management system and content management through a personal account;
  • The ability to control the availability of hand sanitizer
  • The ability to choose the type of antiseptic (spray, gel soap, hand foam)
  • Automatic supply of the antiseptic.