Sulfur polymers in road construction and industrial waste disposal

Polymer sulfur is produced on proprietary equipment, the technological module TA-PMS-5000 from lump sulfur. For this, lump sulfur from the hopper is fed by a dosing device to a conveyor belt, which provides raw material supply to the processing equipment at a speed of 5 t/h. The TA-PMS-5000 technological module sequentially and continuously melts lump sulfur and converts it into polymer modified sulfur in the presence of a Sulfur Modification Complex (according to technical specifications). The liquid product polymer sulfur from the plant is sent through a servo line directly to a concrete line for the production of sulfur concrete or to an asphalt plant for the production of sulfur asphalt concrete, or is cooled in a receiving crystallizer, crushed, packed in 25 kg bags and sold to the consumer at an asphalt plant.


  • Benefits of proprietary hardware:
  • modularity and equipment reliability;
  • production of equipment on a turnkey basis within 4 months;
  • the production scaling algorithm implemented in ACS -Siemens;
  • the choice of the sulfur concrete recipe, realized in the ACS-Siemens, depending on the customer's needs.


1. Kazdornii JSC, Kazakhstan.
2. Chaly LLC, Turkmenistan.