Digital rail platform

Digital train platform already deployed in more than 1.000 train units which was designed to give the rolling stock maintainer and operator the tool to move from traditional maintenance based on equipment use estimated by distance covered into CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) where you maintain based on both, real equipment use and real condition based on variables behaviour analysed by BigData, Machine Learning and Advanced Stadistical tools.

Among the main benefits use are the detection of malfunction in components before failure avoiding fails during operations and allowing buying spare parts in advanced reducing not operative time for trains waiting the spare parts.

It also helps to plan the maintenance tasks before the trains arrive into the workshop as you can check in real time the historic of alarms since the last maintenance enabling to focus just on what the trains requires and avoiding maintenance task no needed reducing train time in depot. It also helps for corrective maintenance diagnosis, giving the tool to detect the root cause of the problem (Even before the train reaches the workshop) and monitor if the maintenance work done has resulted improving reliability and safety.

Digital train platform is a product based SaaS divided in two modules. Fleet Management module for real time features, and Advacned Analytics Module for batch analysis and analytics developing services where the Data Scientist together with Rolling Stock Maintenance engineers build customized dashboards, CBM indicators and Predictive analytics for every customer.


  • Reduce maintenance costs by maintaining based on real status and prediction instead of estimations.
  • Improve train availability and Reliability by optimizing the use of resources thanks to CBM /predictive maintenance and real time monitoring of asset conditions
  • Fast and effectively perform root cause analysis to avoid repeated failures.
  • Monitor of events, situations and relevant information from the point of view of security.
  • Reduce of operating costs by reducing the energy consumption of trains or adapting offer to passenger real demand.


  • Northern Arriva
  • SAR (Saudi Arabia Rail)