Biofilm formation monitoring technology

The layer of bacteria (biofilm) that forms on surfaces in contact with water and other liquids is a major problem in many industrial applications. Indeed, it causes several issues:
- microbial corrosion (MIC);
- decreased efficiency of heat exchangers (loss of 30% and more);
- proliferation of pathogens (90% of bacteria live in biofilms);
ALVIM Biofilm Sensor detects bacterial settlement since its first phases and, based on these data, to manually or automatically adjust and optimize biocide / sanitation treatments allowing to check, at the same time, the efficacy of the cleaning.

  • Detects bacterial growth on surfaces (not general deposit) inside pipelines and tanks
  • Real time monitoring
  • Allows to optimize cleaning/sanitation treatments, with a proactive approach
  • Long lifetime (5 years and more)
  • No calibration needed

Temperature: from -10 ° C to + 120 ° C (for monitoring microbiota growth, a temperature of + 2 ° C to + 40 ° C is required);
Oxygen: 1 ppm (0.0001%) or more;
Electrical conductivity:> 10 μS / cm;
Constant current source: 12V ± 20%, 150mA;
Data transmission: via MODBUS RTU protocol, RS485 standard, current 4-20 mA;
Required Wiring: Standard six-core cable (FROR 6x0.5 preferred);
Operating system: Windows XP or higher

  • Oil and gas industry (pipelines, tankers, storage facilities and tanks);
  • Power plants;
  • Cooling towers of CHP;
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • Water treatment and water purification systems;
  • Food&Beverage;
  • Drinking water supply and storage systems;
  • Pulp and paper production.

  • Total S.A. - French oil and gas company, the fourth in terms of production in the world;
  • ENGIE Laborelec - research center and technical service provider with 250 researchers and experts specialized in the field of electricity and sustainable energy;
  • Naval group is a global and large French defense contractor and industrial group specializing in offshore defense platforms and offshore renewable energy sources;
  • MIT;
  • Danone - French food company, a well-known manufacturer of dairy products and other food products;
  • Aigües Sabadell - large Spanish company specializing in water purification and supply;
  • Acqua Minerale San Benedetto S.p.A - an international company for the production of soft drinks;
  • Norda - An Italian soft drink company;
  • Gruppo S.E.M. - one of the leading companies in the production of soft drinks;
  • Lucart group - large Italian paper company;
  • Fisia Italimpianti S.p.A - the world leader in the sustainable design and manufacture of water treatment and desalination plants;
  • Chimica dr. fr. d'agostino S.p.A - one of the leading Italian companies in the chemical industry;
  • Richter ECOS GmbH - leader in the optimization and maintenance of existing and new biogas and biomethane plants.